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Printing is where we excel, and our capabilities can give you the opportunity to create a variety of products – including books, magazines, catalogues, leaflets, newsletter, paper bags and financial material – with unparalleled speed, quality and cost-effectiveness. We are enthusiastic users of the latest technology, and strive to stay on the cutting edge if the printing industry through continuous investment in state-of-the-art equipment and production facilities as follows:

  1. Heidelberg MOV, 6 colour, Computer Process Control, Alcohol Dampening Offset Press
  2. Heidelberg MOV, 4 colour, Computer Process Control, Alcohol Dampening Offset Press
  3. Adast Dominant 5 color Computer Process Control, Printing Offset Press
  4. Adast Dominant 4 color Printing Offset Press (Polly)
  5. Kodak Trendsetter III Quantum Head Computer To Plate (CTP) Unit
  6. Kodak Creo Plate Processing Unit
  7. Epson Proofing System
  8. Polar Computer Process Controlled Cutting Machine 36”
  9. Computerized Plate Exposing unit
  10.  Plate Processing Unit
  11.   A dedicated team of 8 no. of Graphic Designers
  12.  Die Cutting Machines (2 dies 1 with Hot Foiling)
  13.  Lamination Machines (Hot and Cold)
  14.  Catch Cover Pasting Machine
  15.  Lock Bottom Pasting Machine (Boxtech, Banglore)
  16.  Wiro Punching and Closing Machine
  17.  Generators for backup
  18.  U.V. Machine (Spot, Full & Hybrid)
  19.  U.V Cure Machine for Metalic Foil Printing
  20.  Own Vehicles (Vikram & Van) for any time delivery

In our Press & post press, we have all the equipments in-house to handle every kind of Metalic Printing (printing on Metallic Sheet) Hot Foiling, cutting, creasing, perforation, punching, varnishing, folding, stitching, binding, finishing and packaging.

Pre Press
Our colour management and output center has built its reputation on providing consistently excellent pre-press services to a long list of prominent clients from a wide range of sectors. Our pre-press facility operates around the clock, using an array of superior colour management technologies that is virtually without parallel in the industry. (Is equal to the best in the industry.)

Most popular Desktop Prepress applications including Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia FreeHand, CorelDraw and Adobe Acrobat running on the latest Apple Macintosh ( Power Mac 8 core ) and PCs.

Colour Management System
Computer to Plates
Film Output
Digital Colour Blueprint
Digital Proofing (Epson)
Press Proofing


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