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Aakar Design-O-Print is recognized  as a leader in the commercial print industries. We have all of resources necessary to satisfy any of your printing or design need, our goal is to constantly come up with innovative ways. Our Design Team is young & fresh with new ideas for today's consumer, as well our equipment is constantly being upgraded to accommodate the latest in graphics design & marketing demand.

Aakar Design-O-Print offers outstanding, high quality efficient printing services in India, Our printing infrastructure is state of the art and follow high international standards.

Aakar Design-O-Print printing and publishing service come with a 18 year old legacy. Our complete range of printing service consist of pre-press, press and finishing facilities for Pharmaceuticals Packaging, Magazines, Visual Aids, Stickers Labels, cartons, posters, danglers & Promotionals.
Aakar Design-O-Print has latest printing technologies and a 100+strong labour force to bring the best printing services.
Aakar Design-O-Print started as a small print unit in 1992 and today, it has diversified into related operational fields such as pharma packaging, promotionals and pharma reminders. To achieve this we share for excellence in the following key areas:-

We maintain a consistently satisfying level of quality, measured in terms of both national industrial standards and international recognized benchmarks.

We understand that the first step towards delivering satisfaction is to fully understand the needs of our clients.

By utilizing the latest technology and equipment, we are able to work faster more flexibly and more efficiently ensuring consistently high quality results.

We offer our customers flexible, competitive pricing that helps to fulfill their own cost objectives.

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